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Alternative Supplemental Curriculum (check with your local conference)

The following curricula have been vetted and determined as appropriate for use as a supplement to the NAD-developed curriculum, CREATION Kids:

  • Creative Curriculum
  • Learn Everyday
  • High Reach
  • High Scope
  • Core Knowledge
  • OWL

For more detailed information regarding each curriculum, visit the NAD ECE website:

Directory (NPUC)

NAD Developmental Standards

National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)

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State Child Care Associations

NW Early Childhood Education 2017 Workshop

Golda Pflugrad, NPUC Early Childhood Education Coordinator

Adventist Risk Management: David Fournier, VP Chief Client Care

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Early Childhood Education 2013 Workshop

Davenia Lea

Adventist Risk Management: Arthur F. Blinci

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